Becoming a Student While Remaining a Master

Six years ago, in April 2009, I was driving home from Stamford, CT after taking the two day Avatar Resurfacing® Workshop. I was so happy and free yet I couldn’t explain it. I didn’t quite understand how I ended up feeling so good. So good, that I signed up that day to finish the course in Austin, Texas three weeks later. There were another seven days left to complete this program. I would be crazy not to finish something this extraordinary I thought to myself while excitedly feeling into my newly inspired goals. This was the beginning of my awakening, where it all began.

I had the opportunity this week to take the Resurfacing workshop again along with several other Avatar® Masters. I joked with my closest teammates “we get to go back to Resurfacing school!” Back to the basics, right? As it turned out, having completed all of the Avatar courses and going back to where it all began, was anything but basic. I have watched countless students find their lifes purpose, let go of past traumas which still plagued them, see the world through new eyes and gain their childlike excitement and freedom back again. In this process I receive the joy of giving back the gift I gave myself long ago. Now here I was, the student again, experiencing these changes on a whole new level-an unexpected one.

Before I tell you about my experience, I want to share with you some insights I’ve gained throughout the years. First, you will never have the opportunity to experience how new or profound something is if you are comparing it with something else or a prior experience. I have heard many people believe that Avatar is “just like” something else they have done or read about without ever having a firsthand experience of it. Sometimes they may have even had an experience of it but that belief acts as a barrier for them to succeed in using the Avatar tools. If I had taken this workshop with the attitude “been there, done that”, I would not have been able to successfully apply the tools and techniques. Secondly, you must have the courage and vulnerability to look within yourself to find “the good, the bad and the ugly.” Without that, you will not make many if any gains on this journey inward. Lastly, Avatar is unlike anything you have done before because in this program your own consciousness is the study material. You are learning about your unique inner workings in all of its depths bringing you to the realizations and insights that only you can have. Having said that, reading about my experience with the Resurfacing workshop will be nothing like your experience. This is why it can become difficult to “explain” the course at times because YOU can’t be explained until YOU experience it for yourself. So here are some of my insights and realizations from the last two days. I sincerely hope you give yourself the opportunity to experience your own Resurfacing and beyond in this lifetime.

The very first exercise to complete is the Personality Profile. This is unlike any other profile you will find. This is not an evaluation or test to put you in a category.  It is more like your life’s roadmap. As I was mapping through my consciousness, there were many things I noticed. First, there were certain areas of my life prior to Avatar that felt shameful, embarrassing and I was reluctant to explore. Now, they felt like any other time period, my judgement was gone, and my viewpoint toward myself was much more compassionate. I also noticed that I had become a very kind person. The more negativity, judgement and fear I released from myself, the more accepting and caring I became toward others. I also noticed how far I have come in my relationships with men. So many areas of my life came easily to me like my career choices and passions but this particular area has been a continual journey and evolution in my life. I tell my students that some life patterns take longer than others. I quit smoking after 13 years and rid myself of anxiety on my very first Avatar course. Finding a life partner and continuing to work on myself toward that goal has taken signifigantly longer. What I can say is that I have learned the lessons rather than repeating them since I have taken these courses. Better is what we are looking for, not perfection. From there, we went on to exercises which strengthen your will and focus your attention. As I was being guided, I noticed I had some of my attention on the lack of communication with a friend and some of my attention on the exercise I was participating in. This is part of the goal, to become more aware of your own attention patterns and behaviors. Each persons attention patterns will be different. I tend to pride myself on being a multi-tasker but I was finding that I was not truly in the present moment with divided attention. If I had remained unaware of this, as I was prior to the exercise, I could not have used the tools to make a change. As the day went on I noticed I was also becoming more aware of the details in my surroundings, my viewpoint was much more expansive and certain areas in my life that felt aggravating were disappearing. These are all results you can expect when you participate. What I had forgotten is how much can change in such a short period of time. When I arrived home later that night I completed an exercise for the body called Caring For The Animal. Afterward, I felt so accepting and loving toward myself I wondered why I hadn’t done this exercise more often! On Day two, I  started exploring my current beliefs and I noticed how deliberate I had become in designing my life, my mind and my reality. This was an awesome win considering prior to Avatar I had no idea you could direct, change, correct and even quiet those mental tapes the mind plays back to you all day long. I also noticed some choices I had made out of resistance to something or someone rather than just deciding and doing it deliberately. This was a good notice because I would much rather be the person I see myself as than create myself in response to someone or something else in my environment. The exercise on transparent beliefs was also profound, which I always find it to be. I found that I was believing “if I make a commitment I can’t experience everything.” Anyone who knows me, knows I am always on to something or someone new! Does that belief explain it all :)? The cool thing is, this belief may have been helpful at times in my life but it was now sabatoging my efforts to find a partner and also to stay committed to what I love doing the most which is teaching Avatar. If I had kept unconsciously operating through that belief I could not create or attract the man of my dreams or the students who who are ready and wanting to take the Avatar course. After all of the insights, realizations and free attention I gained I took a look at my goals. Your goals can change when you do this workshop. I went from multiple scattered and some self-serving goals to one goal in particular that is most important to me right now. My goal is to become a wife, mother and advocate for awakening. I can feel it in my core that this is why I am here. I am here to show the world what a conscious, aligned relationship looks like. I am here to raise a child who is empowered and free and able to make a positive difference in the world.  I am here to pass these tools on to help relieve the sufferings of life and show you how incredible you and your life can be. You may find that your goals look nothing like mine but what they will look like is you. The you that you came here to be. The you that has a purpose, a mission and a passion to fulfill and pursue. A you that nobody else can be in this entire world besides YOU.

Avatar gives you all of the tools you need to succeed in being the best and brightest version of yourself. If this sounds like you, or the person you would like to become, there is no time like the present. Start your Avatar journey today with a free introduction, a Resurfacing workshop or the full 9 day course. The dates and locations are always posted on my site under Avatar. I’ve said it once and I will say it again….. The only regret you will ever have is that you didn’t do it sooner <3.

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This is my favorite!! I love this take away!!

“First, you will never have the opportunity to experience how new or profound something is if you are comparing it with something else or a prior experience. I have heard many people believe that Avatar is “just like” something else they have done or read about without ever having a firsthand experience of it.”

Thank you for continuing to inspire me day after day!

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