What does it mean to be AWAKE?

I was recently asked a question by a long time client that had a very simple answer. She had seen my social media posts and follows my journey and pictures from the courses I teach. She asked me “why does everyone on the Avatar course have that look in their eyes? It’s like a happy, bright look. I see it in you and other Masters”. I told her, “because they are awake”. I let that sink in for a moment in silence and then expanded. I told her it is the same look you see in the eyes of a child. As a mother of three young girls she agreed. On the Avatar course, you are able to shed layers of thoughts and resisted experiences you knowingly or unknowingly have carried around from your past. You gain such control of your mind you cease to look at your past for answers and learn to create in the present moment. You learn how to deeply feel again. The majority of us have learned to think our way through life and have gradually stopped feeling. Children feel. They connect, love, feel sad, feel happy, see life through new eyes. There’s little to no resistance to experiencing life. You awaken to that state again on the Avatar course. In doing so, you also watch years fall from your appearance. The fountain of youth is not a myth, it is happening in the Avatar course room. Your body is the only creation in your lifetime that will be with you from birth to death. It is not far fetched to consider you store your life experiences within it. When you begin to fully feel again without resistance and allow yourself to drop what you have been carrying around with you, you awaken to a brighter and lighter version of yourself. Many parents have begun bringing their children to the Avatar courses, especially over the last few years. Their children develop the skills to keep themselves awake and feeling throughout their lives. They remain bright eyed and present, willing to experience the ups and downs of life. Most children have the willingness to explore with curiosity and the attitude of “what’s next?”. That’s the attitude you will need in order to remain awake. As a tip, a belief that you will want to a avoid is the belief that you are already awake. This belief will actually keep you from continually moving into higher states of consciousness and remaining an explorer of life. If you believe you already “know” you can not move forward, you will only experience what you “know”. Another bonus to being awake is that you will become separate from your mind, the thoughts it thinks, and the experiences you are having. You are the watcher of it. This is commonly spoken about and experienced in yoga, meditation and other various spiritual practices. However, with Avatar, you maintain this viewpoint throughout your waking life. There’s no need to sit on a mountain top or in a jungle or in a yoga studio. You learn a tool which enables you to live your life in that state. After that, going to a mountain top or a jungle or a yoga studio becomes just one more enjoyable experience in your lifetime. There is no longer a place you need to go to or escape from in order to find peace. As you can see, there are many benefits of being awake. It feels magical when you begin to live it, although there is no magic potion or pill that will get you there. It takes the willingness and courage to look within. It is the real you. A young, vibrant, joyous, compassionate, loving, open, responsible being enjoying every moment of life, the good and the bad. It is what we have all been wanting, waiting for, asking for, begging for, and it is available for everyone. The greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime is the gift of being awake. Do it for yourself, but more importantly, do it for the next generation. They are the greatest reason to AWAKEN NOW <3.

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