Health and Healing from Heaven

In alignment with my desire to help people achieve optimum health in mind, body and soul, I share with you some life changing information. Anthony Williams, Hay House author and Medical Medium, shares some of his wisdom gained only through Spirit, in his book, Life Changing Foods. I gathered some key notes and have paraphrased most of his insight. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to heal your body of any condition or to achieve a healthier lifestyle. He also recommends growing your own food. The foods you grow will align with your unique needs and give your body exactly what it requires. If you choose not to grow your own food, he recommends choosing organic and holding the fruit or vegetable in your hands for 30 seconds, as it will line up with your own energy to best nourish your body. Use this information to care for the body you came here to experience your life within, and may you continue to grow in health, happiness and spirit.

*Consuming a Mango in your darkest hour can literally turn your life around. Eating a mango before bed also provides a deeper sleep and spiritually enhanced dreams. When mixed with greens Mango can give you a second wind.

*Avocados are the closest food on the planet to Breast milk. Consume 1-2 daily.

*Wild Blueberries are the fruit of Resurrection and have the capabaility of bringing an ill body back to life. There is not a cancer it can not prevent and not a disease it can not protect you from. Find them in the freezer at your grocery store and eat them daily.

*Grapes provide emotional support when dealing with disappointment. They hold divine information to forge a new path forward and create better opportunities in your life.

*When you are craving sugar or caffeine, dates, figs, melons, grapes, citrus, raw honey and smoothies with coconut water will give your body its sugar fix.

*Mangos and bananas are the top sleep aids.

*Eating a banana before and after exercise replenishes the body more than any other food out there. They also have the capacity to repel the growth of the HIV virus.

*Dates are one of the most beneficial Candida killers known to humankind.

*Pears act as an appetite suppressant keeping you from overeating at meals.

*Onions are natures antibiotic.

*Potatoes can absorb and diminish the negative side effects of internet and cell phone signals. Keep one in your home, on the counter, at all times to absorb the frequencies and discard after a week.

*Microgreens and Sprouts are one of the ultimate tools for renewing an exhausted new Mom.

*Cats Claw can replace any antibiotic and is the ultimate UTI alleviating herb of our time. He calls it a miracle medicinal. Do not use if pregnant or trying to conceive. Take it in the evening and make sure it’s not in an alcohol base.

*Drinking ginger tea during a full moon increases the medicinal effects of the ginger by 50 percent.

*If you are trying to get off caffeine, licorice root tea can be an incredible energy booster.

*Used on a regular basis, parsley can drive out acidity and alkalize the entire body.

*When coconut is combined with any healing food, it supercharges whatever it touches. Coconut water is similar to human blood. It is ideal for people who have trouble sleeping during the full moon.

*Raw honey is the liquid gold that can literally turn your life around. When drawn into cancerous tumors or cysts, it’s phytochemicals (still undiscovered by science), shut down the cancerous growth process stopping it in it’s tracks.

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