Following Your Bliss

After watching the film Finding Joe, documenting the life of Joseph Campbell, I was re-inspired to follow my bliss. The first question I asked myself was “What brings me total and complete bliss in this life?” I continued by creating a long list, in no particular order, of my passions and desires that bring me joy. After I felt complete, I created my intentions and paths of opportunity using my list as my guide and inspiration. I felt excited, renewed, energized and open to all the gifts that were to come! I encourage you to create your own “bliss list”, followed by your intentions or goals. We all desire a direction or a path to follow so it might as well be one we fully enjoy!

What Brings Me Bliss In This Life?

Sharing the Avatar tools with amazing and grateful people

Personal development, spiritual workshops/groups/seminars

Cooking yummy, healthy food

Eating fabulous meals at great restaurants

Traveling to tropical/spiritual places I have never been before

The beach, the sand, the Sun

Helping and empowering women to look and feel more beautiful

Babies and children


Beautiful men who respect and honor women

Passionate, connected intimacy

Writing from my heart

Quality time with conscious girlfriends

Listening to and watching people who inspire others

Reading inspiring books that help improve my life

Feeling confident and beautiful

Creating a beautiful, sacred and peaceful home to live in

Kind, sweet animals including my own

Great cafe and breakfast shops

Having an abundance of money

Therapeutic Grade Essential oils

Bonfires at the beach, camp fires and s’mores


Learning about different religions, cultures and spiritual practices

Valuing myself and my inner peace

Exploring astrology, tarot cards and crystals

Surrounding myself with people who enjoy exploring all facets of life


Deep, meaningful conversations and vulnerability

Cirque du Soleil

Dark chocolate

Drum circles and Native American rituals and ceremonies


Feeling loved and Loving myself

My conversations with God

Riding my bike

The color purple

Hiking, boating, canoeing, kayaking

Natural Springs and all other beautiful bodies of water

Live music and Angelic music

Giving and receiving massages

Learning Spanish


My heavenly bed


Hugging, cuddling, affection

Alone time

My inner peace

Living a dream life and inspiring others to live theirs


My Bliss Intentions:

While following my bliss, the universe send me a loving, awakened, life partner and man of my dreams.

I attract unlimited opportunities to help women look and feel beautiful inside and out.

I always have the money I need doing everything I love in this life.

The universe brings me multiple opportunities to attend personal growth and spiritual workshops and retreats.

Doors of opportunity open for me to have babies and children in my daily life.

The path to becoming a yoga instructor opens up for me.

I nourish my body with healthy, organic soul food.

In doing what I love new opportunities continually unfold for me.

The universe opens doors leading me to my sacred, beautiful home on the water.

I write from my heart and let the path unfold in front of me.

I spend my time laughing, loving and growing in all my friendships.

I seek out all of the great leaders and teachers who are doing good in this world and spread light and love wherever I go.

I do what makes me feel beautiful every day and inspire the divine feminine in the women’s lives I touch.

I spend time in beautiful places indulging in the simplicity and luxuries of life.

I attract people who are looking to heal themselves and their families holistically with oils, healthy eating and consciousness tools.

I create sacred, life changing moments with friends new and old.

I enjoy, appreciate and consecrate this Earth we live in and the life we get to live here.

I see cirque du soleil every chance I get.

I give my body the exercise it needs through fitness and dance.

I write my book from inspiration and watch as the doors of success open up for me.

I equally give and receive love in my life.

I am clear in my intentions, allow God to surprise me with my dreams, and take action when called to do so.

*The postings on this site are my own and do not represent Stars Edge Internationals positions, strategies or opinions.

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