Breaking The Chain Of Abuse And Finding Your Self-Worth

I was referred to a medium back in 2012 and had several readings with this woman for over three years. They were delivered over the phone for an hour each and would begin with a fifteen minute tarot reading followed by channeling of a spiritual being. She asked for you to think of and write down any questions before she began and also to have someone in mind who had crossed over whom you would like to answer these questions. None of this information was shared with her which was your confirmation she was legitimate. In September of 2014 I had asked for my spirit guide to come through and hoped for a name so I could communicate with them better in my daily life. Although every reading was incredible in its own way, this one was an extremely powerful lesson for my soul and as a woman. I share this with you because I believe I am here to help empower women in any way I can and especially in their relationships. Although I continued to work hard on the information that was shared that day it was not until very recently where I truly experienced these lessons. It is one thing to say you are worth more, deserve more and can have more, and it is quite another to finally stand up for yourself and experience it. My medium has since retired and I share this excerpt with you in hopes that it also speaks to your soul and empowers you to recognize, appreciate and protect the divine feminine within you.

“You have a great connection with the goddess and divine feminine. A loving, compassionate, nurturing energy. It is very strong. Daniel is one of your spirit guides. He says you need a universal hug from male energy. You feel the need to be loved unconditionally. You need love and masculine energy. Stop selling yourself short. Make sure anyone is worthy and appreciates you. If you have to work at a relationship it is not going to work. Love should not be hard work or painful. It is love in all of its manifestations. Love is pure and if you are trying to make it work it is not going to work, you sell yourself short. Do not underestimate yourself, you are a beautiful person. You have had many lifetimes but you are near completion, value yourself. Treat yourself with the dignity you would treat the divine feminine. Revere the goddess within you, treat yourself with love and compassion and keep her from harm. You are that, you must be loved and protected not used, abused or treated poorly. If a man can not say it it not their fault but it is not your job to teach them. You are a soul who is advanced and you must only allow those people who see that in you to be with you. If you have to run after people stop it. Let them find the divine in you. Affirm I recognize, appreciate and protect the divine feminine within me constantly until it becomes real. Once it becomes your own truth then it has assimilated as a truth within you. It has to become you, when you know this then the magic can happen. You are an amazing spiritual being in a physical body and it is your responsibility to honor that. You will be close to finalizing this as your last life. Your lesson is to be the divine feminine. See yourself worthy of love and devotion, that is your last lesson. Allow yourself to be loved not used and abused work hard on that. You have a better chance of having true committed love if you love yourself completely. Put your energy into being the divine feminine then teach others to do the same.”

I recognized this past week that I had been practicing forgiveness and loving unconditionally without full reciprocation. I had some idea that is was what it means to love. I had been allowing myself to give all of myself to someone who was not emotionally available. Abuse can also come in the form of abusing your support, kindness, acceptance, love and care. I know I am not alone, I hear this from countless women wether they are dating, in a committed relationship or a marriage. We tolerate and accept behavior that does not reflect our desired value or the way we deserve to be treated. The hard truth to accept is that we are the ones who continue to accept and allow it and invite it back into our lives. Until you break that chain, you will continue to be left with the short end of the stick. We teach people how to treat us. We also keep that pattern continuing for women everywhere by participating in it. I recently put a stop to this game in my life. I stood up for my heart, my feelings, my dignity, my worth and my power. And you know what? That may just be the very thing that stops the behavior and allows the universe to bring forth the person your heart desires and deserves.

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